The worst thing about addiction is that you spend all day thinking about how to stop thinking about it. -James Yager

Are you in need of addiction counseling? Are you in the throes of a compulsion that has robbed you of your ability to function normally? Have you lost a job, a friend, or family because of your drinking or drug abuse? Is there some activity such as gambling or sex or shopping that has taken precedence over everything else you value in life? If you have answered “yes” to just one of these questions, addiction counseling can help.

Sadly, many do not seek out addiction counseling. You may feel alone, ashamed, and hopeless, all of which are normal and to be expected. No one wants to admit defeat, especially when it’s due to a bottle, or a pill, or a behavior. There is also that part of us that doesn’t want to give up that bottle, pill, or behavior! Some feel it is the only thing that gets them through the day.

Dr. Piper Walsh understands this hesitation. Her approach to addiction counseling is compassionate and caring. She knows that there is no one to blame for this issue – not you, not anyone. But the problem with addiction is that it rarely improves without help. In fact, it will most definitely get worse. These are the hard facts. Waiting until tomorrow to quit is not a solution and living life in bondage to a substance or behavior is not truly living.

Dr. Walsh knows there is hope for you because she has seen many recover from addiction and go on to lead healthy, productive lives. She will explain addiction to you, how it works, and some of its hallmark biological and psychological components. She will then work with you to uncover the driving forces behind the addiction and guide you in the proper course of action to arrest it. No shame, no embarrassment – just the help you need to get on road to recovery and to lead a fulfilled, productive life! Hundreds of thousands before you have done it. You can too.