“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.”
– Albert Einstein

For most of us, it’s hard to accept that there are limits to what we can do on our own. An addiction to pills, alcohol, sex, or gambling necessitates that we call upon others to help us so that we can achieve beyond our limitations and create a life beyond that which we imagine for ourselves; a happy, addiction-free life. In Orange County addiction counseling with Dr. Piper Walsh can be that new beginning.

In her practice, Dr. Walsh sees clients in Orange County addiction counseling for problems with alcohol, drugs and smoking as well as for sex, internet and gambling addiction. In counseling, clients learn how to maintain abstinence and develop skills that will allow them to continue an addiction-free way of life. Dr. Walsh works with her clients to create a personalized treatment plan, tailored to most effectively address each client’s individual needs.

Addiction is not just a physical condition. Social, environmental and psychological factors conspire together to create a “perfect storm” which fuels both the initiation and the continuation of addictive behaviors. Factors often include severe stress, like the loss of a job or loved one, environmental triggers, such as places or things that remind us of past traumatic events and social conditions such as spending time with family or friends who are still using or engaging in addictive behaviors, or being around people who are physically or emotionally abusive. Any of these can trigger what seem like irresistible urges to use or abuse again. For people struggling in Orange County addiction counseling is an essential key to recovery.

Several counseling therapies are available for treating addiction. A particularly effective approach is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, in which clients learn how to recognize the moods, thoughts, and situations that trigger their craving for the substance or desire to act on destructive urges. In her practice Dr. Walsh helps her Orange County addiction counseling clients to avoid these triggers and replace destructive thoughts and feelings with ones that are more constructive. Dr. Walsh can also address any underlying mental health conditions that may contribute to substance abuse and addiction. If you live in Orange County addiction counseling is available to you now. Accept your limits, and let Dr. Walsh help you overcome them. Call her today!