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South Orange County Addiction Counseling

South Orange County Addiction Counseling

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Have you found yourself drinking more than you think is healthy? Have you found yourself trying to find a way to renew that prescription you got from the doctor when you hurt your knee playing basketball six months ago? Do you feel yourself starting to need, rather than want recreationally, alcohol or drugs or something else? I offer south south Orange County addiction counseling for people struggling with these issues. Understand that it’s not a matter of fault. It’s not a matter of weakness or shame. The substance is only a symptom of something that may be outside your control altogether. Once the symptom, the substance, is cleared away, we can work to resolve the problem or problems themselves. Any type of physical or psychological dependence is a form of addiction. This is true whether you’re struggling with alcohol, drugs, binge eating, pornography, or something else altogether. Call me today to move forward on the road to recovery.

If you are interested in south Orange County addiction counseling please call me today at 949-370-4726