Being in a healthy, meaningful relationship needs effort and commitment. Thinking of your marriage as the most significant investment in your life offers a clear perspective on how much hard work it requires. Here are 3 most common reasons to seek marriage counseling can help you understand your relationship issues and rekindle closeness with your partner.

What Can Marriage Counseling Help With?

Marriage counseling can help you address the following issues in your marriage:

  • Understand the origins of your marriage issues
  • Improve communication and understanding
  • Improve your empathy
  • Learn how to regain trust
  • Overcome infidelity
  • Handle parental issues
  • Learn positive conflict resolution techniques
  • Rekindle your intimacy

A couples therapist can help you become more open and vulnerable with each other. Also, marriage counseling can help you understand your negative interaction cycle and become attuned to one another’s emotional needs.

This new understanding can help you change unproductive patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that cause stress in your relationship.

You can seek couples counseling together or work with a therapist individually.

Is It Time to Seek Couples Therapy?

Obviously, conflicts are normal and expected in a relationship. But sometimes, relationship problems are too big for you and your partner to handle on your own. Or you waited too long to seek marriage counseling.

Research shows that couples in crisis wait, on average, six years before seeking couples therapy. Because of this, many couples’ problems have worsened by the time they go to marriage counseling, making them much harder to fix.

What Are the Most Common Reasons People Seek Therapy?

The most common reasons couples seek South Orange County marriage counseling are infidelity and trust issues, intimacy concerns, and communication problems.

1.    Infidelity and Trust Issues

If you and your spouse cannot trust each other, this can deeply hurt your relationship. Learning to trust again after an affair is a long and painful process. But recovering after infidelity is possible. Marriage counseling can provide the necessary tools throughout the trust-recovery process.

If both of you are ready to open up, willing to make peace with the past, and move forward, your marriage may recover. With the assistance of your marriage counselor, you and your spouse can work through painful feelings, rebuild trust, and restore your marriage.

2.    Intimacy Issues and Different Sex Desires

Different sex desires and needs may profoundly affect a relationship. Incompatible intimacy and a lack of sexual closeness needs may cause mutual feelings of dissatisfaction, loneliness, and distance. You might feel trapped in a roommate marriage with no genuine connection and no closeness. Problems with trust, understanding, and respect may also arise.

Even if it makes you uncomfortable to discuss your sexual troubles with a therapist (which is natural), south Orange County marriage counseling may be a secure place to do so.

Confidential couples counseling will help you figure out why your closeness isn’t as strong as it once was and work on strategies to improve it.

3.    Poor Communication

Negative communication patterns are difficult to break once formed. Some of the factors that can contribute to broken communication between partners include:

  • Differing points of view
  • Different expectations
  • Poor listening skills
  • Cognitive biases or misunderstandings
  • Cultural or language limitations

Dysfunctional communication can leave you feeling hurt, unseen, and unheard. If you and your partner have trouble communicating, you may want to seek marriage counseling.

At some point, therapy could be helpful for every relationship. However, it takes work to keep a relationship healthy and meaningful even when everything is going well.

Marriage counseling in south Orange County could be a safe place to change dysfunctional patterns in your marriage and heal and grow as individuals and as a couple.  If you need help with marriage counseling in the south Orange County / San Clemente area please contact Dr. Piper Walsh.

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