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South Orange County Adolescent Counseling

South Orange County Adolescent Counseling

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    I offer south Orange County adolescent counseling, as adolescence can be a particularly difficult time of life, both for parents and for teens. The world is far more confusing for young adults today than it has ever been before, yet adolescents are expected to start making major life decisions almost overnight. Teens feel a great deal of pressure, both positive and negative, from every direction, including pressure from parents and authority figures to reach educational goals, or pressure from friends to engage in activities that may not be healthy or appealing, such as drug or alcohol abuse or early sexual activity.Other adolescents face pressure from themselves—they are over-achievers, setting impossibly high goals while trying to balance sports, grades, artistic interests, and early career development activities. These aspirations can be helpful, but teens who are achievers often need just as much guidance and direction as other teens, in different ways.

    I work with adolescents to help them understand what they want out of life—not what their parents, teachers, or friends expect of them, but what they truly want. This process of self-discovery often supplies the missing pieces in the puzzle of personal understanding that allows these intelligent, talented young adults to flourish as they grow into mature members of society.

    If you or your child needs Orange County adolescent counseling please call me today at 949-370-4726.