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South Orange County Individual Counseling

South Orange County Individual Counseling

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    Are you becoming Frustrated or Overwhelmed with personal and professional demands? Dr. Walsh provides south Orange County individual counseling and therapy for people who want to find solutions that work for them.Are you a focused professional who has allowed work to take a toll your on personal and intimate relationships? Perhaps you are a dedicated spouse, a life partner, caregiver or family member and you are struggling to find time to enjoy the things that make life interesting and fun for you. External commitments and demands are placed on our time and our energy. Often we place even more on ourselves than is asked of us by others. The pressure can create stress and frustration. When you’re pulled in too many directions and are feeling down, frustrated or unsatisfied, you’re decision-making capacity becomes limited. Often, this is when we make poor choices. As a result, you may find yourself behaving in ways that don’t feel good to you. Acting out, shutting down, or turning to substances to numb the feelings is not the solution. In south Orange County individual counseling with Dr. Piper Walsh, is a chance to identify solutions and make changes that solve the issues you’ve been struggling with, solutions you will feel good about.

    Individual Counseling Offers Opportunity for Personal Development

    So you’re frustrated. You act out, say or do things that you know don’t help the bigger picture, but you just can’t see where to go from here. When we are deep in the trenches of a personal struggle, we often know, deep down, that the way we’re dealing with things isn’t helping the situation, but we can’t seem to make positive changes even when we know that doing so would be in our best interest. This is when we are ripe for personal development. In individual counseling, Dr. Walsh helps clients who are ready to make positive changes. She helps clients to discover their own strengths and achieve what they wish for in their lives.

    Most of us will experience times of hardship and tragedy several times over the course of our lives. These challenges are often painful however, and we would likely avoid them if we could. Tragic life events, like the death of a loved one, a serious health problem, or the end of a marriage can throw us into a tailspin. An addiction, the loss of a job, a home – any change that affects how we see ourselves can feel like an obstacle that cannot be overcome. The good news is that all of these challenges, even the most tragic of events, can be opportunities for growth and positive change. In individual counseling, Dr. Walsh will walk with you as you answer the call for growth, exploring your concerns and developing a course of action that assists in your transition from experiencing tragedy to embracing life anew.

    Whether you are learning to live with a new diagnosis, or learning to live without a loved one, if you are ready to answer the call for growth, Dr. Walsh is ready to help you develop and grow in ways you have not allowed yourself to imagine. You don’t need to know how to start. You don’t need to know what needs to happen. You need only to want to start the conversation. Individual counseling with Dr. Walsh is your opportunity for personal development.

    If you are interested in south Orange County individual counseling please contact Dr. Walsh today at 949-370-4726.