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South Orange County Relationships Counseling

South Orange County Relationships Counseling

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    Relationships require effort. Some of us struggle to form strong relationships, often resulting in sustained isolation and feelings of loneliness. Others of us connect too easily and risk being taken advantage of or becoming emotionally dependent or co-dependent. Whether you have been hurt due to a lack of proper relational boundaries or you have become withdrawn because your boundaries are too strong, I will help you understand how to connect with others in healthy and meaningful ways. I offer south Orange County relationships counseling to help you build the right kind of relationships.

    There are many different types of relationships, and most of us will experience challenges with one or more of these relational bonds during our lives.

    • Relationships with friends.
    • Relationships with significant others.
    • Relationships with parents, especially as our parents’ age.
    • Relationships with in-laws.
    • Navigating a new marriage.
    • Our relationship with ourselves.

    Often, forming the right type of relationship is a matter of learning how to communicate better. This is especially true in romantic relationships, which are often built upon high expectations and founded in physical affection. I provide marriage counseling and couples counseling to guide individuals in these unique relationships. If you are looking for south Orange County relationships counseling please call me today at 949-370-4726.