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5 Signs That You Need Grief Counseling

If you recently experienced the death of a loved one, you may be wondering if you need to find Orange County grief counseling services. Grief affects people differently, and every situation is unique. Some people benefit from grief counseling when they experience complicated grief or other problems. These are 5 signs that you need grief counseling.

1. You feel like you cannot move on.

It is normal to feel like staying in bed and crying for a while. However, if it has been a while and the feelings only persist or worsen, it is time to seek help. Everyone needs time to grieve, and the loss of a loved one is a pain that may never completely go away. Learning to cope and move on with life is normal. Some people feel that it is unacceptable to move on or have other issues preventing them from healing. A psychologist can teach you strategies to cope and move on.

2. You cannot accept that your loved one is gone.

Feeling like someone is not really gone for a short time is common in the denial stage. However, if you go to places and expect to see your departed loved one there or truly believe that the person is not dead, it is time for grief counseling. Some people may have hallucinations or think that they see a deceased loved one. These are also signs that it is time to talk to a counselor.

3. You are losing interest in life.

Everyone understands if you miss social gatherings for a while or need a week off from work. However, if you find that you are taking a lot of time away from work or are withdrawing from social activities, it is time for help. Withdrawal from life commitments and social activities is often a sign of depression. A therapist can help you work through depression and find ways to cope.

4. You are developing an addiction.

Some people turn to drugs, alcohol, shopping or even food to fill an empty void from a loved one’s death. If you are spending more than you have, eating too much, drinking too much or doing something else, it is time for help. A therapist can teach you healthier ways to deal with grief and move forward.

5. You are having suicidal thoughts.

This is always a sign to seek immediate help. If you wish that you were dead or think about suicide methods, a therapist can help. Many people who develop suicidal thoughts after the death of a loved one also have maladaptive grief. This means that they behave in harmful or destructive ways as a response to grief. They ignore their own physical and emotional needs. A therapist can help by teaching strategies to move forward in healthy ways.

If you relate to any of these 5 signs that you need grief counseling, Dr. Piper Walsh is here to help. Dr. Walsh provides Orange County grief counseling services to people of all ages and backgrounds. She knows the strategies to help people learn how to cope with loss and live fuller, happier lives. Please contact us to set up an appointment for grief counseling with Dr. Walsh.

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