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Dana Point Counseling – Therapy for the Soul

When difficult or traumatic experiences cause emotional distress, it is important to seek counseling as quickly as possible. If you are experiencing difficulties in life and you live in Dana Point counseling is available to help. We all need an advocate we can talk to and trust. In Dana Point, Dr. Piper Walsh can help. Dr. Walsh can help you create actionable solutions to deal with challenges and live a fuller life. Dr. Piper Walsh runs South O.C. Counseling and is a caring, compassionate psychologist. She serves Dana Point and several other cities near San Clemente.

Dr. Walsh has experience in helping people work through many issues or traumatic events in life. Her counseling services include:

As a Dana Point therapist who knows that life can bring many troubling issues at once, Dr. Walsh also knows how to help people work through multiple issues simultaneously. For example, a couple may be dealing with the stress of a new baby, an upcoming wedding and a recent death in the family all at the same time. Such a couple could benefit from marriage counseling, parental counseling and grief counseling. Life’s issues can be overwhelming without a strong plan to deal with them. Dr. Walsh helps her patients understand the issues in their lives and gives them personalized plans to address each one.

If you are looking for Dana Point counseling, you need someone who will listen carefully to you and will ask you about the ways you are dealing with issues right now. A good therapist will give you guidance and help you to see how some ways of dealing with an issue may not be effective. Dr. Piper Walsh is committed to providing effective solutions. She has helped many people regain their confidence and happiness, heal from traumatic events and preserve their relationships.

When patients meet with Dr. Walsh, they are in a safe space. She keeps all information confidential when patients meet with her on an individual basis even if they also seek marital counseling or family counseling as a separate service. For example, a man who has issues that he may not want to discuss yet with his family can meet with Dr. Walsh individually and can still have family counseling for other issues that he is ready to work on with his family.

Dr. Walsh is sensitive to the needs of all individuals, couples and families from all cultures, backgrounds and circumstances. She understands that people feel like they are stuck in a rut and cannot get out when they encounter problems in life, and she considers it an honor to give them guidance and insights that help them get out of those emotional ruts. If you want to learn more about how South O.C. Counseling can help you, please contact us.