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Laguna Niguel Counseling with Dr. Piper Walsh

Psychologist Dr. Piper Walsh provides Laguna Niguel counseling for full array of psychological needs. These include counseling for individuals and couples and counseling for mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, stress, grief and loss. This Laguna Niguel therapist also treats people addicted to substances and helps them as they recover. Dr. Walsh also offers therapy to address issues affecting families, which may include parents or guardians, kids, teens, and other family members.

Types of Psychological Services

Dr. Walsh is a parent as well as a clinical psychologist, so she is just the person to offer parents in Laguna Niguel parental counseling. She helps parents to understand how to obtain the best results from their parenting choices. She is prepared help parents with issues at all stages of their child’s development. Dr. Walsh also works with parents of multiples, adoptive parents and parents creating blended families. Parenting is a difficult job. They say that parenting doesn’t come with a guide book, but the next best thing is Laguna Niguel therapist, Dr. Piper Walsh.

Men are becoming more open to Laguna Niguel counseling as a means to address both professional and personal challenges. Traditionally men have been expected to internalize feelings or frustrations rather than discussing them openly, and Dr. Walsh understands this. In her practice, she addresses men’s issues and encourages them to make an appointment and take part in counseling. In Southern California communities like Laguna Niguel counseling is widely accepted as a resource for professional men who seek to improve their communication, and achieve greater success in their personal and professional relationships. Dr. Walsh is gifted in helping her clients achieve the goals they want to achieve.

For those experiencing depression, anxiety in Laguna Niguel counseling is a healthy resource. Dr. Walsh provides counseling for these and other mental health issues. Counseling provides a safe, private and confidential environment for people to work through the challenges they face. In therapy, people who are struggling with mental health conditions can learn new ways of coping and overcoming the challenges they face every day.

Beautiful Laguna Niguel

Laguna Niguel is a great place to be if you love the outdoors. The city is very close to the beach and the Pacific Ocean. It is even known for its extensive park system. It currently has 31 city parks and four county parks. It should also be noted that Laguna Niguel is unique in that it has 80 miles of trails designated for horseback riding, bicycling and biking. It also has several hiking trails.