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Although sunny Orange County is often viewed as one of the greatest places to live and find happiness, the challenges of life can make everything feel difficult or sad for many people. Having a strong support system helps, and one of the most important parts of that structure is regular Lake Forest counseling. Dr. Piper Walsh is a trusted psychologist near Lake Forest who specializes in these main areas of counseling:

Therapy provides a safe place to share personal thoughts, struggles and concerns. A professional therapist knows how to provide feedback and help people discover the root causes of issues. Also, professional counseling includes help in developing a strategy to deal with problems effectively. These are the main benefits of therapy:

  • Learn to identify and change behaviors.
  • Discover ways to cope with unavoidable challenges in life.
  • Feel more confident in facing challenges.
  • Explore feelings, thoughts and fears.
  • Improve communication skills and relationships.
  • Learn how to deal with stress, anger and negative emotions.
  • Find healthy ways to move forward in life.
  • Having an advocate to help with any issue in life.

Those are just a few of many benefits. People often experience other benefits that relate to their specific challenges or problems in life.

What Is Therapy Like?

If you have not been to therapy before, it is common to wonder what the experience is like. It is informal, and you can say what you want. The time is yours to express how you feel, ask questions and confidently be yourself without any fear of judgment. As a trusted therapist near Coto de Caza, Dr. Piper Walsh listens to clients, provides feedback and helps them discover strategies to cope with, improve or avoid problems. Whether your issues are due to stress, a relationship, a loss or something else, Dr. Walsh knows how to help you. She develops customized strategies for individuals, couples and families.

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The team at South OC Counseling is here to help. If you need a compassionate and experienced therapist, Dr. Walsh is happy to be your advocate. She takes pride in treating all people with the care and respect they deserve and makes them know that they are valued. To learn more about how a Lake Forest psychologist can help you, please contact us.