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The truth is that anyone may need to seek the services of Newport Beach counseling. It isn’t something that people need to be ashamed of, but many are because of the stigma associated with matters of mental health. All segments of society may be affected by mental health issues, and this includes older adults, young adults, children and the elderly. When you feel free to seek the services of a Newport Beach therapist, you will find that your life will change for the better.

Psychologist Dr. Piper Walsh

Dr. Piper Walsh offers her services in Newport Beach for all types of people experiencing many different kinds of problems. For example, you may be struggling in a romantic relationship, or you may be having difficulties with your children. Individual family members may also have issues that they need to discuss with a Newport Beach psychologist, and Dr. Walsh can accommodate all of these groups of people.

The areas of practice that Dr. Walsh specializes in include men’s issues, anxiety and stress, depression, grief and loss, all relationships, addiction and recovery, and parenting concerns. You can be assured that you will be safe with Dr. Walsh when you are in a session. You will be in an environment that allows you to explore your thoughts with the guidance of a professional psychologist. Dr. Walsh will be in your corner to offer you the tools you need to carry on with your life.


Many people are experiencing anxiety. Every person can expect to feel anxious at some time in his or her life, but anxiety can be more than this for a lot of people. The stress that you feel when you are anxious can actually be hazardous to your health when it lasts for prolonged periods of time.

Most people can manage their stress levels on their own. These people will even benefit from stress. For example, stress can keep people out of dangerous situations. If you cannot handle your stress in this way, you don’t have to be embarrassed. This is why Dr. Walsh is in practice.

Dr. Walsh can diagnose you with agoraphobia, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, social phobia and post traumatic stress disorder. Then, she can offer you the treatment that is most appropriate for you. For example, Dr. Walsh works with you so that you can learn positive ways to relieve your stress.

Newport Beach counseling can provide you with short-term counseling or long-term counseling sessions that give you all the time that you need to conquer your mental health issues. Dr. Walsh can also develop an intervention if you are having difficulties getting a friend or family member to attend a therapy session. The benefits that you will receive from this type of action will make it worthwhile to you when you discover that you and your family members can live harmoniously from now on.

Newport Beach

Newport Beach is in one of the most beautiful areas in California. It is located right off the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Orange County. The beaches are known to attract surfers and sunbathers alike. The largest recreational boat harbor just happens to be located here. This presents all visitors with the opportunity to go paddle boarding, kayaking, rowing, fishing and sailing. The harbor also hosts the annual Christmas Boat Parade that had its beginnings in 1908.