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Are you living your best life? When we’re looking at our friends’ Instagram and Facebook feeds, it can feel like other people’s lives are so amazing, and somehow ours just doesn’t measure up. The reality is that all of us have our challenges in life. No one’s life is always “picture-perfect.” When you’re struggling you may feel that no one would ever understand what you’re going through, but nothing could be further from the truth. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, or just don’t know what you should be doing next, there is a San Clemente counseling option that can change everything for you. Dr. Piper Wash

Sometimes people will resist therapy because they worry about what people will think about it.  Rest assured that there is no longer a stigma of seeing a San Clemente therapist. Past generations didn’t understand what therapy was all about, but today we know better. People can experience depression and anxiety throughout their lives, but these issues can be treated in therapy. If you may be experiencing something more serious, you have even more reason to obtain San Clemente counseling. The truth is that you don’t have to be suffering with mental illness at all, to gain significant benefits from a San Clemente psychologist.

Dr. Piper Walsh offers several different treatment modalities, including individual counseling, marriage counseling, and parental or family counseling. If you’re experiencing loss, you will benefit from grief counseling. Dr. Walsh also treats people with addiction counseling, OCD counseling, ASD and PTSD counseling. Two big areas of Dr. Walsh’s practice include men’s counseling and anxiety counseling. Counseling offers a safe place to express your thoughts without fear of judgment.

People like to know what to expect from San Clemente counseling. Counseling is not a therapy where a counselor talks and you listen, or vice versa. Good therapy is more collaborative than that. Your counselor will be there to guide you toward the goals that you want to accomplish and to help you find solutions to the problems you are having. In counseling you will learn how to communicate effectively and navigate challenges in your life. If there is a specific issue that you need to improve, therapy can help you learn the skills to address it.

Another question that people have is how long therapy will last. The truth is that therapy is not necessarily an endeavor that goes on without end. Your therapist will terminate your therapy after both of you have determined that you can manage the problem for which you sought help on your own.

Family counseling is one example many people can benefit from.  People often seek this type of therapy after a stressor disrupts the family home. The entire family may attend sessions with a counselor. In Family counseling, Dr. Piper Walsh, can help you work on effective communication, disagreements between siblings, the presence of new family members and coping with major changes in the family makeup.

A San Clemente therapist is not just for families and couples; you can also receive the mental health help you need by yourself. Dr. Walsh also provides individual counseling for this reason. You may be satisfied with the way that you are handling yourself in your relationship, as a parent, as a co-worker and as a friend, but you may not like the outcomes that you have been experiencing recently. Individual counseling is an option for you, and it can give you solutions to problems that you are experiencing today.

San Clemente is a beautiful city by the sea with gorgeous beaches. It even has its own slogan: Spanish Village by the Sea. One of California’s most beautiful missions, Mission San Juan Capistrano, is located in the city. If you’re interested in knowing more about San Clemente counseling, call Dr. Walsh today!


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