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San Juan Capistrano Counseling Serves the Mental Health Needs of the Population

These days, it’s more common for us to see a counselor from time to time. In San Juan Capistrano, counseling with Dr. Piper Walsh is an excellent option. In San Juan Capistrano counseling is available for everyone, including adults, teenagers, children, families and couples. If you’re new to therapy, the first step is to schedule your initial therapy session. Once you have passed this milestone you will be on your way to better mental health.

Some people are wary of contacting a San Juan Capistrano psychologist because they believe that there is a stigma attached to those who seek these services.

The truth is that many people are seeking the services of a therapist. In fact, mental health is a national, even global topic these days. As we learn more, we are discovering that mental health issues are affecting a greater percentage of the population. In San Juan Capistrano counseling may include a variety options. Dr Piper Walsh is skilled in working with clients to create the specific type of counseling that works best for them.

There are countless counseling modalities, including counseling for parents,  family counseling, individual counseling, depression counseling, grief counseling, relationship counseling, social phobia counseling, marriage counseling, and adolescent counseling. Dr. Walsh is also skilled in the areas of OCD counseling, ASD and PTSD counseling, anxiety counseling, men’s counseling and addiction counseling.

If you’re looking for counseling in San Juan Capistrano, Dr. Piper Walsh wants to help you handle the difficult issues you are experiencing in your life right now. She knows that there are times when you don’t know where you are going or what to do to get back on track, so it is her job to help you move forward to a better place.

Some people may be concerned about how other people see them when they are experiencing mental health issues. This is not a concern that you need to have when you visit Dr. Walsh. She doesn’t consider conditions like depression and anxiety to be deviations from the norm. Dr. Walsh knows that these conditions result when we fail to apply attention to areas in our lives that need it.

Rather than seeing conditions like depression and anxiety as negatives, Dr. Walsh believes that these conditions let us know that it is time to make changes in our lives. This can be difficult for you, so it is her job to assist you in this endeavor. When you begin to work with Dr. Walsh, she will help you identify where you want to be and how you can arrive at that destination.

Along with depression and anxiety, Dr. Walsh can help you overcome phobias, panic attacks, biopolar disorder, eating disorders and conflict resolution. Her practice serves people from all over the area, including Mission Viejo, Aliso Viejo, San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente, Dana Point, Laguna Niguel, Talega, Lake Forest, Capistrano Beach, Laguna Beach and Ladera Ranch.

Mission San Juan Capistrano gave this city its name. Spaniards moved to the area and built the mission they named after Giovanni da Capistrano in 1776. The oldest neighborhood in California is located in this region. The mission’s Serra Chapel is the oldest building in the state. It is also where the first vineyard and the first winery in the state of California are located. San Juan Capistrano is also famous for the cliff swallows that start their migration in Goya, Argentina; the swallows remain until October 23.