“We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves.”
― Henry Ward Beecher

For many parents, raising children is the most rewarding aspect of their adult life. Even so for most, parenting is difficult at times. At any stage of child development, parents can find themselves fresh out of ideas and full of frustration. In Dr. Piper Walsh’s Orange County parenting counseling practice, parents can rediscover their children and themselves as parents. They develop new strategies for positive parenting that build confidence, character and self-esteem in children.

The choices parents make in raising a child do matter. It’s true that we can’t control all the elements that contribute to our child’s development, but parents have the opportunity to have a greater impact on their child than anyone else in that child’s life. Naturally parents want those impressions to be positive. Dr. Walsh’s Orange County parenting counseling practice is here to parents find ways to provide the guidance children need, and create the healthy parent-child relationship every parent wants.

All parents have their own limitations, and no parent has all the answers. Often parents encounter issues with their child that they do not know how to handle. In Orange County parenting counseling is part of Dr. Walsh’s practice. Dr. Walsh is a parent also and is skilled in guiding parents in the development of new parenting skills including active listening, limit-setting, discipline and positive reinforcement.

Sometimes a parent’s own childhood experiences provide them with unhealthy and ineffective models of parenting (i.e. growing up in an abusive environment, chronically ill or unavailable parents, parental drug and alcohol abuse). Regardless of the experiences we had growing up, we can’t expect to know what to do or say in every situation, or with every child. Just as each child is unique, each parent-child relationship brings unique questions and concerns that parents will have to face. In many cases parents need someone to turn to for guidance and support. In Orange County parenting counseling with Dr. Piper Walsh is a place parents can turn for effective solutions that work.

If you are interested in Orange County parenting counseling, Call Dr. Walsh today.

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