Every married couple will go through difficult times together. Making a commitment to work through problems together helps heal marital concerns. The next step is working with an experienced therapist. If you and your spouse are fighting more, experiencing negative feelings, disagreeing constantly, or going through a crisis, counseling can help. Counseling can help in a variety of situations.

When Is Marriage Counseling Necessary?

Even if a problem seems small, such as a continual disagreement on a parenting issue, it is beneficial to work with a therapist. Small problems can escalate into bigger ones if they are not addressed in the right manner. Even when a relationship is new and everything seems great, counseling can help. For example, newlyweds often feel like life is blissful. In such a case, it helps to seek counseling to learn ways to deal with common problems that all married couples will face. By learning these strategies in advance, couples can have a better chance of avoiding a crisis.

Counseling can also help when there is a marriage crisis. Everything from an affair to a problem that has been ignored for years can lead to a crisis. With patience, professional therapy, and a sincere commitment from both partners to work toward healing, it is possible to get through a marital crisis. If the crisis is not addressed, it will only worsen. Marital crises can negatively affect children and their mental health as well. If children develop issues as a result, those can turn into persistent problems in adulthood if they are not addressed.

Heal Marital Concerns With Counseling in Orange County

Dr. Piper Walsh has experience helping couples with all types of issues. She helps them get to know one another better and recognize emotional calls. These are ways that people attempt to communicate with one another. Knowing when the other person wants to communicate is part of the equation, and another important part is knowing how to respond. Dr. Walsh helps couples identify and understand any unhealthy communication patterns. She helps them learn how to communicate in more effective ways. By helping couples build a foundation of mutual respect and empathy, she assists them in working toward healing solutions.

Dr. Walsh also provides counseling for teens and children. When marital issues have been causing rifts in the family for a long time, family counseling is often helpful. Dr. Walsh works to help married couples and their families heal together and live fuller, happier lives. If you and your spouse are experiencing difficulties that you need help facing, the compassionate team at South Orange County Counseling is here to help. Please contact us to learn more about marriage counseling with Dr. Walsh.

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