After the death of a loved one,  it can be difficult to know how to manage grief and reclaim yourself. You must know that it is possible to do. Dr. Piper Walsh’s grief counselling is for anyone having trouble moving forward after a loved one passes away.

The people around us can make this process harder for us even though they don’t have that intention. You may have lost a grandparent you were particularly close to and cannot find a way to accept the loss. You may have lost a sibling after a long illness that didn’t have a cure. When you are experiencing loss, the people around you may not understand what is going on in your world. Even if they themselves are experiencing the loss, each one of us has a unique experience, so it’s likely they are ill- equipped to help you manage grief.

When You Need Grief Counseling

Grief counselling doesn’t always have to be something you undertake in response to a death. People grieve for all kinds of reasons other than death. For example, you may be grieving because you lost your job. This is entirely understandable because the loss of a job can mean several unpleasant things to you. Your friends and family may not be able to give you any helpful advice about it. This the time when you need grief counseling.

Adult and minor children of divorced parents also experience grief when one parent moves out of the home. The absent parent appears to move out of your life. This is very painful for you and may require that you entertain the idea of getting counseling for this issue.

In other cases, you aren’t just experiencing one loss. You can lose a loved one and then your job and then a beloved friend all in the course of one year. You must not feel as if you should be able to take all of these losses without any help. This is exactly what Dr. Piper Walsh is here to help you confront.

There may be particular difficulties accepting the death of a loved one if the person died under tragic, traumatic, or violent circumstances. Well-meaning friends may lend an ear and want to help for a time, but in time they want to see you “get over it.,” and hearing such statements from loved ones can be frustrating. There are no set rules as to the length of a grief process. Every experience is unique. Your friends cannot be your therapists in this situation. You do have Dr. Piper Walsh to take you to the next level of your grief.

The grief that you are experiencing may be so overwhelming that you are unable to feel like yourself.  You may feel as if you need counseling for this issue. If you avoid addressing your grief, the consequences could be compounded. Continued suffering may make it feel as if you are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder or a deep depression. If this is the case, the best way to address the issue is by seeking help from a clinical psychologist.

Whatever reason you have for experiencing grief, Dr. Piper Walsh can help you. If you are stuck in one of the stages of grief, Dr. Walsh will help you find your way out of it. If you are ready to learn to manage grief and reclaim yourself, do yourself a favor. Give Dr. Piper Walsh a call, and set up an appointment today.

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