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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Treatment & Symptoms

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a form of personality disorder. People who have this condition, which is also called OCD, often have a strong urge to repeat behaviors or do things a specific way. Any disorder in their lives can feel beyond distressing, and their excessive thoughts about trivial things can be intrusive. Fortunately, obsessive-compulsive disorder treatment exists and can help people gain relief from symptoms and live a fuller life.

Common OCS Symptoms

Also referred to as obsessive-compulsive syndrome, OCD or OCS is marked by several symptoms. Some people may not experience all the symptoms, and others may have additional symptoms. It is important to separate the symptoms tied to obsession and those tied to compulsion. According to the Mayo Clinic, these are some common OCD symptoms related to obsession:

  • Fear of dirt, contamination or touching things that others touched.
  • Feeling uncertain about many things and experiencing distress tied to the uncertainty.
  • Having a strong urge to keep things symmetrical and orderly.
  • Experiencing distressing thoughts about losing control and harming others or causing self-harm.
  • Having aggressive, unwanted thoughts about religion, sex or other topics.

Compulsive behaviors often happen because of obsessions. For example, someone who is obsessed with cleanliness may wash their hands excessively until the skin is cracked and bleeding. These are some common compulsion-related symptoms of OCD:

  • Cleaning, washing or sanitizing things excessively all the time.
  • Checking and counting things, such as checking a stove exactly six times to ensure that it is off.
  • Maintaining orderliness so excessively that it interferes with other important obligations.
  • Following a strict routine all the time and feeling distressed if something goes wrong.
  • Continually demanding reassurance from family, friends or peers.

OCD Treatment

There is a difference between what people call perfectionism and true OCD or OCS. Perfectionists tend to require perfection in the things they or others do. However, people with OCD struggle so much that their thoughts and compulsions feel uncontrollable and interfere with daily life. They may interfere with personal relationships, work, studying and everything else. If you notice symptoms of OCD in yourself and feel overwhelmed, the good news is that there is help. Treatment often involves counseling or therapy and medications. Some people may only need therapy and may not require medication. Each person is different, and Dr. Walsh recognizes the individuality of each client.

Compassionate OCD Treatment in Orange County

Dr. Piper Walsh welcomes anyone who struggles with OCD and the intrusive effects it has to contact her for help. She provides a safe space where clients can share their fears, struggles and thoughts. Using cognitive behavioral therapy and other effective techniques, she helps people discover the reasons for their behaviors or choices. Also, she can help people develop strategies to cope with the effects of those behaviors and various situations. If a client has another mental health issue that is untreated, Dr. Walsh addresses those issues simultaneously. In some cases, another mental health issue may make the symptoms of OCD worse. Her goal is to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses all individual needs.

Dr. Walsh enjoys helping people overcome their issues and live happier, fuller lives. To learn more about obsessive-compulsive disorder treatment in Orange County, please contact South OC Counseling.

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