“Honesty is the first chapter of the book wisdom.”
― Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson knew that experiencing true wisdom requires that we first be honest with ourselves. In our lives, today, many of us have lost our ability to be honest, not with others but with ourselves. When we are able to get real about what’s going on with us, we can confidently address the sources of doubt, fear, guilt and despair in our lives. Our ability to see the way ahead becomes clear. We become wiser. For Dr. Piper Walsh’s clients in Orange County counseling is a positive step toward becoming wiser about the choices and challenges we all face. Dr Walsh guides her clients to courageously and confidently make the changes they want and need in their lives so that they can experience their best life.

In counseling Orange County clients with Dr. Walsh begin to experience positive growth change in relatively short time frames. Dr. Walsh helps clients develop new coping skills to better address work, family and relationship issues, cope with loss, manage stress and achieve the goals they have for themselves.

People who are in counseling are people who are ready to be courageous by talking honestly, getting real and getting smart about life’s choices. No situation is too complex, and no issue is too trivial to discuss in counseling. If it’s on your mind or in your heart and you are ready to address it, counseling can help. With Orange County counseling for individuals, you can rely on Dr. Walsh because she uses compassion, kindness and humor to help her clients find the courage and confidence to make the change they wish to see in their lives.

The time is now to get real and gain control over your life. Call Dr. Walsh today.

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