“Make a pledge to yourself right now to declare that you are worth your time and energy.”
-Deborah Day

We all struggle at times with the circumstances of life. We can feel as if our problems and struggles are insurmountable. Often people begin to believe, wrongly, that their situation is hopeless, the obstacles before them are immovable and even that they themselves are beyond help. Nothing could be further from the truth! For Dr. Piper Walsh’s clients in Orange County individual counseling is where clients begin to talk openly about what they are dealing with, and discover solutions they never thought possible,. They regain their confidence in coping with daily life issues, and managing negative thoughts. Dr. Walsh helps her clients to see problems in new ways and find solutions that work.

It’s hard to know when you need help, but if you are asking yourself that question, the time is probably right to talk to a professional counselor. Often individuals become overwhelmed with feelings of loneliness, anxiety and frustration. These feelings can quickly lead to anger, depression, withdrawal, trouble maintaining relationships, or problems in the workplace. Dr. Walsh helps her Orange County individual counseling clients to develop the tools to successfully manage the changes and challenges that affect us all at one time or another.

In Orange County individual counseling is a wonderful opportunity to address the negative or problematic thoughts, feelings and issues before they lead to negative behaviors such as drug or alcohol abuse or other dangerous activities. In counseling, clients develop healthy coping skills and understand what they can do to increase their self-confidence and start enjoying life to the fullest. For Orange County individual counseling, our best resource is Dr. Piper Walsh.

If life’s challenges are becoming too big to bear, call Dr. Walsh today.

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