“Whatever emotional state you’re in while you’re parenting conveys more to your child than the content of what you’re doing with them, no matter how perfect your intervention looks “on paper.” In other words, to paraphrase Marshall McLuhan, “your emotional state is the message.”
– Michael J. Simon

A sixteen year-old told her South Orange County teen therapist that at any given moment she knew exactly what her mother was going to say about anything she did. So much so, she believed, that she would become angry at her mom for the expected comment before any comment had been given. Her mother had a similar response to her daughter, being perennially disappointed with the decisions she believed her daughter would make – decisions she had not in fact made. The two of them were very close, to say the least. Their intense familiarity had caused them to anticipate the disappointment they expected from one another. They had pre-emptive emotions. You can imagine the tension that hung over their home. I tell this story to illustrate the quotation above: “Your emotional state IS the message.”

South Orange County teen therapist, Dr. Piper Walsh has seen how emotional states can, in some cases, inhibit effective communication and productive problem-solving. Dr. Walsh is a trained psychotherapist who understands the complex dynamics of family relationships including the unique mother-daughter bond.

If you are looking for a great South Orange County teen therapist, consider Dr. Walsh. If you and your teen are having trouble communicating effectively, it’s definitely a good idea for both of you to talk to a therapist. You may benefit from counseling together or separately. Either option has its merits. When you are ready to talk to a South Orange County teen therapist, call Dr. Piper Walsh to find out what options are available to you and to your teen.
What message is your emotional state sending? Is your teen having trouble finding the words to tell you what he or she really needs from you? If your communication is being drowned by heightened emotions, a South Orange County teen therapist, like Dr. Piper Walsh can help you both find the words to express what you really need to say, and in a way that gets the results that you were hoping for.

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