Couples counseling is a great way for married, dating or engaged couples to improve or strengthen their relationships. Life is full of obstacles and trials, and many of them create challenges for couples. Whether couples disagree, hurt one another or have other negative experiences, couples counseling can help. These are the top ten reasons to try couples counseling:

  1. Your therapist serves as an impartial third party who guides you along the journey.
  2. You and your partner can gain a deeper understanding of yourselves and your relationship.
  3. Both of you can learn how to better understand each other and communicate your needs.
  4. There is a safe and confidential space for you and your partner to share your feelings without judgment.
  5. You can both learn strategies and coping skills for different experiences or situations.
  6. The therapist teaches you effective approaches to overcome roadblocks in your relationship.
  7. You and your partner learn how to create or rebuild mutual trust.
  8. Each of you also work on learning more about yourselves and how to achieve personal growth.
  9. The therapist teaches you how to deepen your connections and intimacy with your partner.
  10. By seeking therapy together, you both promote your own mental wellness.

Seeking counseling as a couple shows that you care about your relationship. When both people are committed to growing closer, healing or achieving any other mutual goal, they are more likely to see favorable outcomes. Working with a couples counselor in Orange County can help you avoid future problems as well. There are valuable strategies to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Also, there are ways to initiate a healthy discussion when you disagree.

There are more than ten reasons to try couples counseling, and some reasons may depend on specific types of situations. Dr. Piper Walsh is an experienced couples counselor who has worked with couples from all walks of life. She takes cultural and other factors into consideration and has helped many couples work through complex issues.

Dr. Walsh creates a safe space for couples, builds trust with them and teaches them how to discover their own behaviors or reasons for choices. She helps them learn about themselves, identify issues and heal from past trauma or hurt. Also, Dr. Walsh shows people how to change behaviors to achieve better outcomes. Couples learn valuable communication methods. They learn mutual understanding and how to listen to each other so that they can meet one another’s needs.

If you are looking for a compassionate couples counselor in Orange County, the South O.C. Counseling team welcomes you to reach out to schedule an appointment with Dr. Walsh. She can also help if you are experiencing anxiety, depression, parenting issues or other problems.

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