From the moment you find out that you’re going to become a parent, you are likely overwhelmed with information about the health and needs of your new arrival. Pediatricians, family members, friends, parent groups, schools and even the media all have opinions and conflicting information. Sifting through it all can be exhausting and demoralizing.  Keep reading to learn more about how counseling for parents can help you be a better parent.

How Counseling Can Help You Be a Better Parent

Parenting can be among the most rewarding and the most complex jobs a person can tackle. Few relationships have the potential to be as intense, as close, as powerful or as emotionally charged as the one between parent and child. Unfortunately, the normal growing pains of life can lead to strain on these relationships as well as marriages and families. Dr. Walsh works with parents to ensure each family member has the space they need to grow and develop to their fullest.

From birth, parents are among the most influential people in children’s lives. Even after adulthood, children often reach out to their parents with questions and concerns. As parents, we know that our choices can have far-reaching effects on our kids, and we want to make sure those effects are as positive as possible. That effect can limit your child’s worldview and opportunities, or it can prepare your child to be open to new ideas, experiences and people. Counseling helps you tackle the tough issues that have been holding you back in your own life and gives you the confidence to be the best parent you can be.

Parenting Counseling at All Ages

Counseling for parents can be beneficial at all stages of parenthood and can help you address a wide range of issues, including:

  • Managing new responsibilities
  • Meeting the needs of multiple children
  • Maintaining healthy work-life balance
  • Struggling to set boundaries or limits
  • Scheduling personal time or family time
  • Bringing work home
  • Arguing or fighting with siblings or family members
  • Blending two families
  • Transitioning through major life changes, such as cross-country moves or losses
  • Adjusting and reconnecting after the children have moved out
  • Inter-generational conflicts with adult children

Growing Pains and New Challenges

Growing up is hard work for parents and kids alike. All the learning, growing, experimenting and developing that children need to do is hard work. Sometimes, the process can even be painful or difficult. Children struggle, make mistakes and feel frustrated, and so do parents. Overcoming challenges is a part of becoming a healthy, well-adjusted adult. However, parents often want to step in and fix things, especially if we’re carrying our own history of trauma or defeat.

With counseling, you can focus on your development and growth; your kids can have the space they need to work on theirs. You can parent your kids the way they need instead of falling back into unhelpful and potentially self-defeating coping mechanisms. You can learn new ways to manage those inevitable parenting challenges. This is even more important if your children are dealing with their turmoil or turbulence.

South Orange County Counseling

Kids don’t come with instruction manuals, and that means that, for many of us, parenting is a series of trials and errors. Some of the biggest decisions we’ll ever make are made on the spur of the moment. With parenting counseling, we can work through those challenges together by developing healthy boundaries, appropriate goals and positive relationship dynamics in your family.

At South Orange County Counseling, counseling for parents can help you deal with your toughest parenting challenges so that you can move forward with your family into deeper, more rewarding relationships. Contact us today to learn more about how counseling can help you be a better parent or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Piper Walsh.

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