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Piper Walsh, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist
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Worried? Stressed? Counseling Can Help

Have you been feeling irritable and stressed? You aren’t alone. Have you noticed changes in how you handle everyday frustrations? Counseling can help. When stress and worry become overwhelming, you need a professional counselor to help you. Counseling can help you to gain control of your thoughts and actions, so you can effectively navigate life’s challenges.

Are You Feeling Frustrated?

When you feel unappreciated or overwhelmed at home or at work, it’s easy to become frustrated. Feelings of frustration can quickly spiral into resentment and anger. If you find yourself reacting to others with outbursts of anger, it’s time to take a deeper look at how to manage your thoughts and feelings. A professional counselor can help you to proactively address the sources of your frustration and avoid the destructive slide into anger or resentment.

How Counseling Can Help

While you may not be able to eliminate stress from your life, there are ways to minimize the negative effects of stress. For example, if you are experiencing stress due to family issues, both family counseling and individual counseling can help you to work through each issue. If you and your spouse are having trouble communicating, marriage, couples and family counseling can benefit you both. If you have a stressful job, if you are feeling pressure from your family, or judgement your friends, Dr. Walsh can help you work through these issues and others.

Dr. Piper Walsh can help you find solutions to curb negative reactions to stress and frustration. She has experience with complex family issues and takes every current and past issue into consideration. Dr. Walsh can help you discover effective strategies to cope with frustration, lower stress, and improve quality of life.

Dr. Walsh serves San Clemente, Laguna Beach, Irvine and several other South Orange County areas. She treats each client with the utmost respect and compassion. Her goal is to be a personal advocate for each client’s long-term success and happiness. If you want to learn how counseling can help you, please call Dr. Walsh’s office today.


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