Listen, life isn’t when you are standing on top of a mountain looking at a sunset. Life isn’t waiting at the altar or the moment your child is born or that time you were swimming in a deep water and a dolphin came up alongside you. These are fragments. 10 or 12 grains of sand spread throughout your entire existence. These are not life. Life is brushing your teeth or making a sandwich or watching the news or waiting for the bus. Or walking. Every day, thousands of tiny events happen and if you’re not watching, if you’re not careful, if you don’t capture them and make them COUNT, you could miss it. You could miss your whole life.”
― Toni Jordan, Addition

Toni Jordan is an Australian-born author whose debut novel “Addition” is coming soon to the U.S. market. In the above quote, Toni makes the observation that life is what happens in the smallest of moments. To fully appreciate life, we must learn to find value in the everyday. In Orange County Individual counseling with Psychotherapist Dr. Piper Walsh helps clients learn to appreciate and find value in their everyday life, and discover how to make their life line up more closely to the life they envision for themselves.

Individual Counseling Can Help

Often people will describe having a feeling that life is passing them by, or that they are waiting for their life to “begin.” When we don’t appreciate the life we’re in, we may feel like our “real life” is yet to come. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In Orange County Individual counseling Dr. Walsh, people are able to learn how to identify and appreciate the things that make life rich and to truly enjoy life, now. For Orange County Individual counseling, your best resource is Dr. Piper Walsh.

Dr. Walsh provides Orange County individual counseling in San Clemente, Talega, Dana Point, Capistrano Beach, Laguna Beach, San Juan Capistrano, Ladera Ranch, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Aliso Viejo, El Toro, Lake Forest, and Irvine.


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