“I didn’t know what exhausted me emotionally until that moment, and I realized that the experience of being a soldier, with unlimited license for excess, excessive violence, excessive sex, was a blueprint for self-destruction. Because then I began to wake up to the idea that manhood, as passed onto me by my father, my scoutmaster, my gym instructor, my army sergeant, that vision of manhood was a blueprint for self-destruction and a lie, and that was a burden that I was no longer able to carry. It was too difficult for me to be that hard.”
― Utah T. Phillips

Men’s Therapy Can Help Everyone

It’s more common than we often recognize, that emotional exhaustion that the poet Utah T. Phillips describes. Trying to live up to that mythical image of manhood, – it can weigh down a man. It can be suffocating. Still, knowing what to replace it with, what can replace the “lie” is often an unknown that can keep men from finding release from this “burden” they carry. In men’s therapy San Clemente Psychotherapist Dr. Piper Walsh works with current and former soldiers and those who have been serving as “warriors” on other fronts – often in business. Often they come to Dr. Walsh not sure why they feel as they do. All they know is that life isn’t satisfying. They aren’t happy. They need to find a solution. Dr. Walsh helps her clients discover what is at the heart of their concerns and find lasting solutions.

How Can Therapy Help Men

In Men’s therapy San Clemente Dr. Piper Walsh helps clients address core issues while also addressing symptoms which often include a mixture of depression, anxiety, withdrawal, violence, overeating, infidelity and/or substance abuse. In men’s therapy San Clemente men are able to discover new strengths from within. Dr. Walsh helps her clients develop new approaches to solving old problems and find new ways to achieve success.

In addition to San Clemente, Dr. Walsh serves clients in many of California’s South Orange County communities including Talega, Dana Point, Capistrano Beach, Laguna Beach, San Juan Capistrano, Ladera Ranch, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Aliso Viejo, El Toro, Lake Forest and Irvine.

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