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Irvine is known for the peaceful Crystal Cove State Park and plenty of other beautiful parks. It has a low crime rate, great schools and a friendly atmosphere. However, life can still present sorrows, challenges and problems. If you are one of the local residents who is struggling with a problem in life, Dr. Walsh can help with Irvine counseling. Many people seek counseling services and notice improvements in their quality of life as they go through therapy. Dr. Piper Walsh of South O.C. Counseling is a trusted Irvine psychologist who helps by providing a wide variety of services, including the following:

Benefits of Professional Counseling in Irvine

Dr. Walsh helps each person, couple or family set goals for counseling. The goals center around outcomes that improve life for all involved parties. By teaching people the right tactics and skills, Dr. Walsh helps them overcome social, family, work or other challenges. These are the main benefits of professional counseling:

  • Learning how to identify causes of behaviors, choices or problems.
  • Developing effective strategies to cope with problems and work past hurdles.
  • Building a healthier perspective on life and its many potential challenges.
  • Improving communication skills, problem-solving skills and confidence at the same time.
  • Exploring and sharing feelings in a completely safe environment.
  • Learning how to manage psychological issues.
  • Boosting spiritual, mental and psychological quality of life.

Even for people who do not have mental illnesses, therapy is highly beneficial. Every person can learn ways to live a happier, fuller life with the right approach to life’s inevitable challenges. It helps to have a trusted therapist as an advocate and a source of encouragement.

What To Expect During Counseling

As a top therapist, Dr. Walsh strives to meet each person’s individual needs. Therapy starts with you sharing your thoughts and challenges with Dr. Walsh. She helps you identify your therapy goals and develop a clear plan to reach them. During your therapy sessions, she teaches you the right tactics to achieve your goals and helps you identify your progress. Dr. Walsh helps you focus on both long-term and short-term goals. Whether you are seeking counseling alone or with others, she works hard to meet your scheduling needs as well.

Contact Dr. Walsh Irvine Psychologist

Dr. Walsh proudly serves Irvine and several other areas in South Orange County. She has plenty of experience in a wide variety of issues for individuals, families and couples. If you are looking for a psychologist who will listen to you and provide you with an actionable plan, Dr. Walsh makes those both priorities. She will not promise unrealistic outcomes. Instead, she teaches you effective, proven methods to address challenges and improve communication. She also helps you learn more about yourself, your partner or family members. Please call us today to schedule an appointment for counseling.

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