“The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret.”
– Henny Youngman

Does marriage counseling work? How? What if we’re just fundamentally incompatible? What if there are just some things I cannot live with anymore? What if we’ve tried everything??

Marriage. Our favorite institution. Some would say it’s called an10 “institution” for a reason! How can we be so in love with someone one day and ten years later, find irritation in their very presence? It happens. We’re supposed to be happier and healthier if we’re married, yet over 50 percent of couples divorce. Something doesn’t make sense here.

It’s difficult to keep a marriage intact these days. Television shows glorify the single life and even infidelity. Marrieds can feel as though they are “missing out” and that there is less to be found in the committed union of two people than there is in being single and serial dating. Some people get married at a very young age, just because “that’s what you do.” In their rush to get their lives “started,” they neglect the time it takes to truly get to know their partner and build a sustainable marital foundation. Having children can often postpone one’s ability to face the fallout of unexamined marital choices. Aging can magnify marital problems as well; one day, married lovers look at each other and realize time is getting short – is this the person they want to grow old with? The common thread in these “marriage killers” is a lack of consciousness about marital choices.

Marriage counseling is an excellent way to get conscious in your marriage and to make sense of the pressures and expectations under which you and your partner labor. Dr. Piper Walsh understands the pinnacles and pitfalls of long-term, committed relationships. She knows the stresses that children, finances, jobs, health, and sex can put on a couple. She has years of experience listening to husbands, wives, and committed partners express their hopes, dreams, and desires about their relationships, as well as their disillusionment and disappointment. She also has years of experience strategizing with couples on how to mend fractured love relationships. Call Dr. Walsh today to begin repairing your marriage so that you can enjoy the fruits of a happy union. Isn’t that why you were married in the first place?

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