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Piper Walsh, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist
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Orange County Adolescent Counseling, A Common Resource for Many Families

Adolescence is a period of intense growth. It’s perfectly normal then, that this period of development is exciting and stressful for teenagers and everyone who loves them.  With all that comes with being a teen today, it’s no surprise that Orange County adolescent counseling has become a common and effective resource for many families. Piper Walsh offers counseling for teenagers in Orange County to help teens develop their own healthy personal choices, relationships and communication skills as they mature into adulthood.

It’s common for adolescents to put a great deal of pressure on themselves. In addition to the internal pressures adolescents can feel, it’s common for teenagers to be highly sensitive to the values, judgments and opinions of everyone around them. The often conflicting expectations from parents, friends, teachers and coaches become sources of external pressure.  Most teens become sensitive to how others, especially their peers, see them, and are searching for where they fit in their social world, and the world itself. These external pressures can become truly overwhelming and often it’s impossible for teens to share their true thoughts with either their parents or their friends. Dr. Walsh understands these complex issues and offers counseling for teenagers in Orange County to help them navigate the many pressures, both internal and external, that weigh heavily on a teen.

In her Orange County adolescent counseling practice, Dr. Walsh supports her teenage clients in working out what it is that they want and who they really want to be, separately from what their parents, teachers, coaches or their friends may expect them to be. The process can be a wonderful opportunity for young adults to share thoughts and ideas in a completely confidential setting.  Counseling for teenagers is involves a process of self-discovery and introspection. Dr. Walsh’s teenage counseling clients develop the self-esteem and confidence that allows these intelligent, talented teenagers to flourish as they grow into independent, healthy and happy adults.

If you are interested in knowing more about Orange County adolescent counseling, call Dr. Walsh today at 949-370-4726.

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