“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” ― Sandy M. Bushberg

How are you looking at things? Sure, we all feel down now and then. If however, you feel sad, anxious or “empty” for longer than two weeks and your relationships, work or quality of life is affected, you may be suffering from depression. In Orange County depression counseling helps people overcome depression and begin to enjoy life. Dr. Piper Walsh provides for depression therapy in Orange County for men, women and teens and helps them develop the tools they need to become healthy and feel good again.

Depression is not an over-indulgence in sadness. In fact, clinical depression is a treatable medical illness which involves the whole of an individual: mind, spirit and body. It affects the way we eat and sleep. It affects the way we think and about ourselves and those around us. What’s important to know is that if you live in Orange County depression counseling with Dr. Walsh can help you to understand how to overcome depression and begin enjoying life again.

We all experience major life events, such as divorce, the loss of a job or death of a loved one. Any of these can be triggers for depression. Chronic factors, such as workplace stress, social isolation or chronic health problems can also put people at risk for depression. For depression counseling, Orange County Doctor Piper Walsh is your resource. Dr. Walsh will help you proactively address your depression and help you regain your relationships, careers and your joy for living.

Depression is sneaky. It can be masked by a host of other symptoms. Dr. Walsh helps Orange County depression therapy patients understand how anxiety, difficulty concentrating, even a low sex drive can be symptoms of depression. Depression symptoms can differ somewhat between men and women. Men may become hyper-focused on one activity to the exclusion of all other activities or may have outbursts of anger. No matter what you’re experiencing, Orange County Depression Counseling with Dr. Piper Walsh can assist you in developing a plan of action that will lead you out of depression and back to life again!

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