“Raising kids is part joy and part guerrilla warfare.” – Ed Asner

As a parent, we all know you can have the best intentions, set goals that are age appropriate for your child, come up with a sensible plan on how to handle discipline when necessary, and still, at this very moment, be wringing your hands and trying hard not to veer off into an emotional deep end. As parents soon discover, there can be opposition all along the way. Children, and especially teenagers, have a built-in natural resistance to your plan; some more than others. They are often unbelievably creative in their ability to design roadblocks to any successful implementation of your efforts to turn them into future healthy and independent adults.  Parenting counseling is a great way to “beef up your bag of tricks”.

Couple this stark reality of the parenting picture with complicating factors such as being a single parent, having a special needs child, co-parenting with someone who is not really “into” parenting in the first place; and suddenly life becomes ever so much more complicated on a daily and often minute-to-minute basis. Frustration can quickly set in, tempers flare, and mountains of guilt and blame can be born. Nobody has all the answers as to how to handle the unique and diverse personalities of individual children living in equally varied sets of circumstances. However, ignoring a problem situation headed in an obviously negative direction can sooner or later result in some extremely regrettable consequences in the life of a child or teen. This should not be an option: something must be done.

Help with Parenting

If you or your co-parent finds themselves in the midst of puzzling parenting problems, it should come as a great relief to know that with some additional information and guidance, it is entirely possible to steer your child past the roadblocks and on into that brighter future for them…and your entire family…that you pictured in the first place. Everybody knows Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. What you need to do is “beef up” your available responses to the problems…your “bag of tricks.” Piper Walsh has a veritable smorgasbord of solutions she can share with you. Tried and true methods to successfully deal with the thorniest and most perplexing parenting problems actually do exist! Call Piper Walsh now, book your first appointment and with parenting counseling you can make problems a thing of the past.

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