“Depression is like a war. You either win, or die trying.” 
– Anonymous

Having a case of the blues every so often that you know is related to a definite loss is only normal, and not the type of depression referred to in the above quote. The type of depression that needs to be addressed with a serious and definite strategy is a mood disorder with pervasive symptoms which are present over an extended period of time.

For instance, if you feel little pleasure in activities that used to interest or excite you and you constantly feel down and hopeless about your life in general; if you are experiencing difficulty sleeping or you sleep too much, if you find yourself thinking that you are a failure, are tired all the time and have difficulty concentrating, you may want to ask yourself how long you’ve been experiencing this set of symptoms. If you feel bad about yourself, feel you are moving slower than you should be, have thoughts about harming yourself, or even that you might be better off dead, it’s time to take action.

It’s time to realize that many others suffer from these symptoms and recover. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (“NIMH”), roughly 6.7% of the population of the United States suffer from these symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder. Sometimes, when you are in the midst of these feelings of sadness and loss of interest in life, it’s easy to lose track of just how long it’s been going on. When overcome by constant feelings of hopelessness, you may no longer have an accurate inner compass pointing out to you how abnormal and unnecessary living this way really is. The most important point to focus on is that with a little forward action on your part, your experience of life can improve tremendously in a very short period of time.

The good news is that effective treatment is available and easy to obtain. A combined approach using psychological counseling and medication has been shown to significantly reduce symptoms in roughly 80% of those seeking treatment, usually in as little as four to six weeks. Treatment plans will of course differ for individuals depending on factors such as age, severity of symptoms and length of time they have been experienced, as well as response to medication type and various other personal issues. The key factor leading to winning the war with depression is finding a knowledgeable professional who can successfully direct and oversee your treatment. Piper Walsh can be that person for you! Please know that you don’t need to live with these symptoms anymore. Pick up the phone and schedule your first appointment with Piper now. (949) 370-4726.

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