“The tragedy of machismo is that a man is never quite man enough.”
Germaine Greer

Men’s counseling is in higher demand these days. Small wonder. There is more pressure on men today than ever. Family. Career. Financial success. And the biggest? The tacit expectation that they excel in all these areas simultaneously, using not only smarts, strength, and endless energy, but emotional intelligence, compassion, and sensitivity. Sound exhausting? Now throw in the 21st century demand on men to be in top physical shape and to look as good as they can. Unreasonable stressors such as these are the reason more and more men are seeking understanding, balance, and answers in men’s counseling.

One of the most common complaints of men in therapy is that they have nothing left for themselves: all their energy and time must be devoted to external obligations and there is nothing left for self-care, hobbies, even good old couch “potating.” This lack of enjoyable outlets can cause depression, which, in men, can cause irritability, anger, substance abuse, and dangerous physical symptoms such as high blood pressure. Men’s Counseling can help.

The most difficult result of men and stress is that men are innate problem-solvers – and unfortunately, this sort of problem cannot be solved by simply “putting one’s nose to the grindstone.” Men tend to put enormous amounts of pressure on themselves to produce solutions. But adding pressure to pressure only results in more pressure. Men also tend not to be as willing to show what they perceive to be weakness or vulnerability. So their shells become tougher and their issues feel that much more insurmountable.

Dr. Piper Walsh understands the pressures on men in today’s world. She has counseled many in areas such as career, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and family issues. Dr. Walsh is aware that men are solution-oriented and works with them to achieve solutions in a way that also augments self-awareness and self-discovery. She appreciates the differences between men and women and that men require a different therapeutic approach with men’s Counseling . Contact Dr. Walsh today for help with the myriad stressors you deal with on a daily basis – and get on with a happier, healthier life.

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