“Smile, breathe, and go slowly.”
-Thich Nhat Hanh

Anxious about anxiety counseling? You know you need to do something about your inability to sleep. Your heart beats so hard and fast at times, you’re sure others can hear it. There’s the stomach issue, the hyperventilating. You keep hoping these symptoms will subside, but they never do. Perhaps a friend suggests anxiety counseling but frankly, that’s just adding to the overwhelming feelings of, well, being overwhelmed. And therein lies the problem: anxiety begets anxiety. It’s good to know that fellow sufferers have been relieved of this endless cycle with the help of anxiety counseling.

Many don’t understand that anxiety exists to help us. Yes, there is a reason for those feelings of fear and dread – they are the body’s response to a threat in one’s environment. Picture a caveman encountering a saber-toothed tiger. His heart starts beating to get more blood to his extremities so he can run or fight; his breathing accelerates to get more oxygen to his blood so he’s ready for action, but that results in breathlessness. Get the idea? He experiences anxiety symptoms.

We’re not running from saber-toothed tigers anymore, but the human nervous system responds as if we still do. The same anxiety response that saved us in caveman days gets triggered by much less threatening stimuli today – a sudden loud noise, an unexpected meeting request from the boss, getting cut off in traffic – we can physically experience mundane stressors such as these as if we’re running from a bloodthirsty animal.

Of course, anxiety issues involve more than the chemical fight or flight response. Stressors build upon stressors and some individuals find themselves spiraling into an almost constant anxious state, one filled with dread, endless rumination, and debilitating physical symptoms. There is no quality of life when one experiences constant anxiety. There is also no need to suffer. Anxiety counseling has proven to be one of the most successful therapies. Dr. Piper Walsh can help you manage your anxiety symptoms and guide you to a less stressed, more joyful way of life. There’s no need to be nervous – call Dr. Walsh today.

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