“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”
– Carl Bard

Sometimes the same old unsolved problems keep cropping up over and over again. The same arguments happen day in and day out. One spouse is driving the other crazy with unacceptable behavior. There are seemingly impossible
situations that neither believes can be overcome. One of you has decided that things can’t go on like this and has issued an ultimatum. The anger levels have escalated to new highs and/or the resentment in the air is so thick that you can’t ignore it any longer. Something has to change. Time to look into Marriage Counseling.

Or maybe you’re just starting out on your journey together and have suddenly realized that your conflict resolution styles just don’t mesh and lead to results. Thankfully you haven’t waited the average of six years that many couples do before looking into getting some help with communication styles and dealing with the normal, inevitable differences that come up in committed relationships.

Of course, Marriage Counseling isn’t magic. Far from it. As mentioned, couples often wait until the situation has really gotten out of hand before both agree to attend the appointment. Even then however, if both partners
are motivated to move forward and can work together enough to agree on and define what they see as the major problems in their marriage, miracles can occur. Honest communication, ability to set goals and acceptance of personal responsibility for behavior are needed to move forward.

Piper Walsh is an excellent Marriage Counselor with years of experience successfully working with couples. She can provide the tools and guidance necessary in your particular situation to move your marriage in the positive direction you desire. The truth is that you need new tools to deal with the impasse you have come to. Don’t wait any longer. As you already know, situations tend to deteriorate, not improve, unless a new, successful approach is designed and applied. Give Piper a call now and start to move your marriage through whatever snags you are presently experiencing out into an area of contentment. It is Time to look into Marriage Counseling! Schedule your first appointment at: (949) 370-4726.

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