“A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.”
– William Shakespeare

Why is it that men, even in the midst of life’s most perplexing problems, cannot allow themselves to believe that men’s counseling might be a good idea to get some expert help solving those problems? Is it possible that they’ve somehow swallowed a total lie; hook, line and sinker? Men pride themselves on being logical problem solvers. But what if this lie they believed back in childhood before they were able to intellectually evaluate its truthfulness blocks the very possibility that they’ll ever be able to successfully solve problems that crop up in their lives having to do with relationship issues, anger, substance abuse, depression, stress or anxiety?

All these issues have strong emotionally-based components. For instance healthy relationships often depend on the ability to honestly share feelings. Men’s depression can result from suppression of feelings. Stress can certainly result from ignoring one’s true feelings about various issues. Anxiety can be the body expressing definite feelings about various situations. Substance abusers are notorious for damping down negative emotions with whatever currently works for them. This lie that many men have bought into very early in life convinces them that it is wise to ignore a huge part of reality! As a human being, it is normal that a large part of their life will involve experiencing emotions.

Young male children in this country have more often than not been indoctrinated into a belief system that conditions them not to show most emotions, sensitivity, emotional vulnerability or the like. This type of conditioning is also responsible for the idea that seeking out help or advice with problems is a sign of weakness and therefore indicates a lack of manliness; i.e. that real men are always capable of solving their own problems. Actually, this belief system is directly responsible for the creation of tremendous numbers of heartbreaking problems for men and their families. Perhaps it is easiest to see, for example, how a man’s refusal to go to a medical doctor when a problem first presents itself can lead to grief on the part of his entire family when a simple sinus infection devolves into pneumonia that leads to his death.

The most direct route to working through emotionally-based issues involves consultation with an expert professional such as Piper Walsh. She is very well-versed with how best to quickly resolve them.

Leave the lie behind and give her a call today. It only makes sense. (949) 370-4726.

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