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5 Tips to Manage Anxiety

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Anxiety occurs as an emotional and bodily reaction to alleged danger. When we perceive a threat (actual or imagined), we experience anxiety as a general sense of uneasiness and fear.┬áLearning some tips to manage anxiety can assist you in identifying the roots of your anxiety, reducing your symptoms, and reaching your highest potential. Do You […]


Diagnosing & Counseling for Acute Stress Disorder / ASD with Dr. Piper Walsh

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Acute stress disorder is a psychiatric diagnosis that a person may receive within four weeks of experiencing a traumatic event. These patients express avoidance behaviors, dissociative symptoms and intense fear or anxiety. Someone diagnosed with ASD has an increased risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. Before this can occur, a patient needs to […]


PTSD Counseling Because You Deserve To Be Happy

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PTSD Counseling in Orange County Although Southern California is an idyllic, beautiful and sunny place to live, its benefits can be overshadowed by intrusive symptoms for people who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. However, there is hope. Dr. Piper Walsh understands the complexities of PTSD and knows how to help people cope with their […]