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Grief Counseling to Deal with a Death of a Loved One

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South Orange County Grief Counseling

The grief that you experience after losing a loved one can be overwhelming and powerful. You may feel crushed by the weight of your sadness. The bonds that people make with others are meaningful and strong, and losing a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences that you might endure in life. Counseling to deal with a death of a loved one can help you to rediscover your enjoyment of life.

How counseling can help with grief

Many people envision cliche scenarios from television or movies when they think about therapy. In reality, people who receive counseling to deal with a death of a loved one report fewer mental health symptoms. When you learn about the stages of grief and participate in grief counseling, it can help you to recognize your thoughts, feelings, and emotions and come to terms with them.

To benefit from counseling for grief as millions of others have done, you will need to take the first step. It is up to you to do whatever is necessary to move through the different stages of grief and regain the happiness that you deserve. Counseling can be a powerful tool to help you to find meaning in your life. While therapy will not solve all of the problems that are related to the loss that you have experienced, it can help you process your grief and sense of loss. Counseling will not make you forget your loved one or bypass your pain. It will not change who you are. However, it can facilitate the healing process.

Grief counseling can help you to do the following things:

  • Accept your loss
  • Identify and manage trauma
  • Talk about your loved one freely
  • Express your emotions appropriately
  • Overcome guilt
  • Cope with changes
  • Build a healthy support system

By using established techniques, grief counselors can help you to understand, experience, and move through the process of grief healthily.

What happens in grief counseling?

When you go to counseling for grief, you will be allowed to talk about your loved one’s death privately and in a quiet atmosphere. This can help you to participate in the process of grieving comfortably. You will also be able to describe your experiences at the moment of your loss, which can help you to re-experience it with guidance and support from a mental health professional. Your counselor can help you to put everything that you have experienced in perspective and support you as you experience emotions as you remember.

Your counselor will use the words that are important but will not push you past your comfort level. During your sessions, your counselor will check for symptoms of depression and might ask to make sure that you are eating enough. You will be permitted to grieve. Your counselor will help you to set realistic goals for the grieving process and your life.

You might be asked to journal, write a letter to your loved one, and complete reading assignments. All of these activities can help you to understand the grieving process and recognize that grieving is acceptable.

Get help from South Orange County Counseling

Losing a loved one is one of the hardest experiences in life to handle. When you feel overwhelmed by your loss, South Orange County Counseling is here to help. Everyone experiences difficulties at some point, and grieving is a normal experience. Getting help from an experienced counselor at South Orange County Counseling can help you to process your grief and move forward with your life in a healthy way. Contact us today to schedule an appointment by calling us at (949) 340-4726.

How Marriage Counseling Can Save Your Marriage

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Every married couple will experience problems from time to time. The key to a successful marriage is making a mutual commitment to forgive and work through any problems. Also, there are several types of therapy that can help couples get through problems more effectively. If you are wondering how marriage counseling can save your marriage, these are some of the top benefits.

How Marriage Counseling Can Save Your MarriageProviding a Safe Environment

When couples meet with a counselor, they meet in a private room with only themselves and the counselor. A professional counselor knows how to create a welcoming and safe environment where couples feel comfortable opening up about difficult or painful subjects. It is a judgement-free space where the shared goal of all three parties is to help the couple’s relationship survive and thrive.

Getting Impartial Advice

Each person in the marriage has their own point of view from which they see situations or problems. When two people have opposing viewpoints, they can wind up fighting endlessly without perpetual empathy. Having a neutral third party to provide advice and an outside perspective can be helpful for revealing problems. Also, a counselor can suggest ways to mitigate problems when couples cannot see one other’s perspectives clearly.

Releasing Frustrations

Marriage counseling sessions often involve venting from one or both parties. Resentment and frustration are two negative emotions that can be toxic for marriages when they are not addressed. People often let them build up instead. Many divorces are tied to stonewalling, resentment, frustration, anger and other negative actions. Counselors can show couples productive and peaceful ways to express their frustrations and negative emotions without shouting, arguing or engaging in other destructive behaviors. Couples can practice these techniques with the counselor and use them at home to avoid falling into toxic traps.


Whether couples are newly married or have drifted apart after decades of marriage, bonding is an important goal in counseling. Feelings of discontentment, disconnection and indifference are addressed. A counselor can show a couple how to avoid letting these feelings spiral into deeper problems and negative actions.

Building Trust

In some marriages, there may be infidelity, lies or other issues that destroy trust. Rebuilding trust is a critical step in counseling, and trust is a necessity for a relationship to survive. If both people want to save the marriage, a counselor can teach a couple effective strategies for rebuilding and maintaining trust in the future.

Another key to making counseling successful is being open to working out problems and learning about the other person. This is a lifelong process. However, when couples embrace it, they can enrich their relationship and strengthen their bond. If only one person is invested in the success of the marriage, it is harder for a counselor to help. To learn more about how marriage counseling can save your marriage, please contact Dr. Piper Walsh at South OC Counseling. Dr. Walsh has a wealth of experience in marriage counseling with couples of all ages and backgrounds. She finds joy in being an advocate to couples who want to regain happiness and work through their issues.

Orange County Counseling During Covid-19

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Many people are experiencing anxiety as the coronavirus moves across the United States. So, Orange County counseling is particularly necessary at this time. At the same time, you must be cautious, so that you do not contract this virus. Dr. Piper Walsh understands how you are feeling right now. She wants to ensure that you receive the mental health services that you need. Therefore, you can receive the help you need from a therapist any time that you need it. That’s because Dr. Walsh is willing to schedule an appointment with you over the telephone or video.

Dr. Piper Walsh provides services for people of all ages. You are welcome to meet with her on an individual basis. If you are in search of couples therapy, you may schedule a session with your significant other or spouse. You are also encouraged to schedule an appointment with your family members if you need family therapy.

Dr. Piper Walsh treats several conditions, including the following:

Counseling by phone or by video can be equally as effective as face-to-face counseling. Dr. Walsh will treat you with the same amount of compassion that she offers her patients when they visit her in the office. The fact that you will be in your own home ensures that the environment will be as comfortable as possible. Therefore, it will be even easier for you to allow Dr. Walsh to help you explore your innermost feelings and thoughts.

If you are a new patient, it can be difficult to start therapy. Dr. Walsh will do everything possible to make sure that it is an enjoyable experience. Therapy can be a short-term solution for problems you are currently having, but it can also be an ongoing process that helps you conquer several issues. Dr. Walsh’s job is to sit with you and identify the issues that you are currently having no matter how long it takes.

Reasons you may need a therapist…

At this difficult time, many people need a therapist because several unpleasant things may be occurring. As the businesses around you were forced to close, several negative things may have happened. You may have lost your job, and this may lead you to believe that drastic measures must be taken. It is at this time that you need a psychologist to help you navigate through these difficult days. You and your family deserve to live to see a brighter tomorrow.

Dr. Piper Walsh is here to provide you with mental health services that are directly related to what is going on in our country today. For example, you may need counseling to help you with grief and loss or the depression that can come when you experience a loss. The uncertainty that is prevalent today may be causing you anxiety and stress. These are both areas that Dr. Walsh can help you with today.

As was mentioned above, you are welcome to have a session with Dr. Walsh from your home by phone or video conference. If you are comfortable coming into the office, you can do that as well. Dr. Walsh is prepared to identify the issues that are currently causing you to have difficulties moving forward, and she will do it in the most compassionate manner possible.

Phone or Video Counseling Available – Tips to Staying Sane During COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has upended much of our lives. As people shelter in place in their homes, the sense of isolation combined with fear of what might happen can be overwhelming. People who suffer from anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, or other mental health conditions might have an especially difficult time during the outbreak. COVID-19 counceling can help you to manage the symptoms that you might experience during this difficult time. During the pandemic, Dr. Piper Walsh with South Orange County Counseling is offering phone or video counseling to existing and new clients to help with mental health concerns.

Staying sane during COVID-19

If you regularly see your therapist for in-person appointments, transitioning your sessions to remote COVID-19 counceling using video teleconferencing is a good option. Video counseling can also benefit people who have not received therapy but who are struggling with anxiety or depression because of the current situation. Attending therapy sessions remotely using video teleconferencing is called teletherapy. Over the past decade, teletherapy has been increasingly used for mental health care to people who suffer from a variety of psychological conditions.

Mental health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic

According to the CDC, many people may experience overwhelming stress and anxiety in response to the coronavirus pandemic. These types of issues can manifest in several ways, including the following:

  • Difficulty with concentrating
  • Changes in your eating patterns
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Worry and fear about your health and the health of your loved ones
  • Fatigue
  • Feelings of dread
  • Increased use of drugs or alcohol

If stress is preventing you from completing your daily activities, it is a good idea to schedule counseling sessions.

Does teletherapy help?

Multiple studies have looked at the efficacy of teletherapy by phone or video and have found that it is effectiVideoPhoneve. In a 2010 study that was published in the journal Behavior Therapy, depressed adults who received teletherapy showed a significant reduction in their depression over a period of three to six months, and 42% were considered to have completely recovered. Other studies have also found that teletherapy is effective for helping people with obsessive-compulsive disorderPTSD, and anxiety. While attending online or telephone counseling sessions might not be what you imagine when you think about seeing a therapist, they work and can be an effective approach to helping you with your stress, anxiety, or depression during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Contact South Orange County Counseling for help

Starting teletherapy can seem daunting. However, you should not feel nervous about doing what you need to do to protect your mental health during the coronavirus pandemic. Getting help from a therapist can help you with staying sane during COVID-19. Attending video counseling sessions regularly while you are staying at home can help you to deal with the isolation and the difficulties that it can bring.

If you already have a therapist who is unable to do teletherapy with you, look for a therapist who can do so. South Orange County Counseling is offering teletherapy through video conferencing and phone. If you are not currently receiving therapy and feel overwhelmed by everything that is happening in your life and the world, teletherapy might help you to deal with your new reality. Contact Dr. Piper Walsh today to schedule a video or phone counseling session to protect your mental health and learn some effective coping skills. You can reach us by phone, email, or text.